Learning from our Real Estate Discord Server: The Power of Networking

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During my early years in real estate, I found myself attending numerous networking events for real estate agents. Initially, I couldn’t understand the appeal and questioned why agents bothered to participate. However, as my experience in the industry grew, I came to appreciate the significance of networking with other real estate professionals. In this blog, I aim to share my journey of understanding the strength of weak ties, the value of networking, and how it can lead to remarkable success.

The Strength of Weak Ties:

Discovering the strength of weak ties was a revelation for me, thanks to a book recommended by our Discord community called ‘The Defining Decade’ by Meg Jay (Worth the read). This theory emphasizes that connections with people we don’t know well can bring novel opportunities, innovation, and increased productivity. In the business world, the saying “Your clients will become your friends quicker than your friends will become your clients” perfectly encapsulates this concept. Strangers offer a blank page to write a new story, while established acquaintances might carry preconceived notions that require proving oneself repeatedly.

Avoiding Tunnel Vision:

As real estate agents, it’s easy to focus solely on immediate business prospects, overlooking the long-term vision. Many agents concentrate on quick wins, seeking immediate paychecks without considering the lasting implications. This short-sighted approach is akin to laying down tracks in front of a moving train, leading to a staggering 87% of agents exiting the industry within the first five years. Embracing a broader perspective and nurturing weak ties can lead to more sustainable and rewarding opportunities.

The Power of Weak Ties in My Career:

Throughout my journey, I’ve witnessed the strength of weak ties in action. Some of my most significant clients, best business partners, and closest friends were a result of connecting with people I didn’t know well initially. Whether it was reaching out via a cold direct message on Instagram or a chance introduction by another professional, my breakthroughs in the real estate industry have often been linked to weak ties. The diversity of opportunities in real estate means that your next mentor, investor, or business partner might be just one connection away.

Subsidizing Mistakes, Compounding Success:

Within our real estate discord server, we’ve created a supportive space where sharing mistakes and celebrating successes lead to collective growth. Our weekly mastermind sessions provide a platform for agents to open up about their challenges and wins. When someone candidly shares their mistakes, others can learn valuable lessons and avoid similar pitfalls. On the other hand, celebrating success stories sparks engaging discussions that offer insights for further improvement. As we collaborate and learn from each other, we reduce individual research costs and accelerate progress together.

Embracing Vulnerability:

We encourage vulnerability within our real estate discord, recognizing that sharing failures and successes alike contributes to personal growth. This openness fosters trust, empathy, and a sense of belonging, creating an environment where everyone can flourish. We stand together as friends, eager to support one another on our unique paths to success.


Networking with other real estate agents goes beyond mere social events or an excuse for a drink. It opens doors to novel opportunities, allows us to learn from one another’s experiences, and fosters a collaborative environment that accelerates progress. Embracing the strength of weak ties, nurturing relationships with strangers, and sharing both failures and triumphs are essential elements of success in the real estate industry. As agents, we should value these connections and recognize the power they have to transform our careers and lives.

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